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Park Chalk Bluff is located on the Nueces River about 100 miles west of San Antonio and about 12 miles north of Uvalde. The park has electric and primitive camping, hot showers and small cottages close to the river. Attractions at the park include, paddle boat, canoe, Tube and row boat rentals, hey rides, horseback riding, bike rentals, horse shoes, volleyball, badminton a nice playground and more. This is a nice place to visit for a little relaxation, spending time in nature and taking an impressive dive.

Park Chalk Bluff has a nice dive site for shallow warm dives with large boulders, aquatic plants, some submerged fallen trees and an abundance of fish in the area. Water temperature is generally 80 to 85 degrees F in the summer and tends to be a little colder in the morning compared to the mid afternoon providing the Sun is out. Average dive site depths in the river channel range from 10 to 15 feet. The absolute maximum depth I have found at this dive site is 15 feet, but the depth can vary depending on water levels. The visibility is generally 40 to 60 feet but can reduce rapidly in the afternoon when swimmers arrive to play in the water.

The catfish in these waters can be quite amusing, swimming in large groups up and down the river, generally staying clear of divers. The Catfish do not seem to mind the divers in the water but the sounds of diver exhales tend to disturb these groups of fish and send them darting away. The other fish, such as bass and purch on the other hand are not real timid for the most part but do not seem to be used to divers in the water and some may be shy. Some purch will come over and great you and some bass will let you observe them as they are hunting for prey.

There are a couple things to consider before heading to this dive site. The first is, even though the water is warm, you may plan on a light wet suit due to the long amount of time that can be spent underwater at 15 feet or less. The second thing is there is really no dive shop with in about 100 miles. To avoid a long trip to the dive shop or an unexpected change of plans, make sure you have enough tanks to last for your stay and maybe have some back up equipment, save a dive kits and things of this nature.

This is a great area to dive if you are looking for a place that few divers venture to and it will not be surprising if you are the only diver there. Snorkeling in this area seems to be a big sport but, there is a lot to see with scuba gear on and gives the opportunity to mingle with the aquatic life and take your time looking around crevices in the many boulders.

Directions to Dive Site:
From Uvalde head North on Hwy 55 about 12 miles. There are no billboards so keep a close look for entrance on West Side of road, located a little bit South of 334 Hwy.

To get to Chalk Bluff dive site, follow boat dock sings and Diver signs after entering Park Chalk Bluff. Wade directly across river to the deeper water. Walking across the river you will generally only be a few feet of water, but as you get closer to the other side it gets deeper fast and in some places abruptly. You may think that you are not in the right spot when you start wading across the water. Donít worry, it will get deeper and you will have a very enjoyable dive. After you are in deep enough water follow the long channel up and down the river.

Uvalde has a population of over 26,000 people, several hotels, and verity of dining establishments ranging from fast food restaurants.

Dive Safe and Have Fun!

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