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I am sure that most people have heard of Branson Missouri at some point. Maybe you heard about the shows in the area, crafts, or maybe the theme parks. To add even greater enjoyment to the Branson experience, Table Rock Lake is located next to Branson providing great dives.

Table Rock Lake has about 52,300 surface acres and the shoreline is 857 miles long with a maximum depth 0f over 200 feet. Visibility is generally best in the spring with an average of 20 to 40 foot visibility below thermal cline at 30 foot. The surface temperature peaks at 85 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and 60 Degrees Fahrenheit below the 30-foot thermalcline. Underwater sights at Table Rock Lake include the famous underwater forest, sunken boat, nice ledges, large boulders and more.

The most popular shore access dive area is Dewey Short located at the Table Rock Lake dam and visitors center. Water access is made easy with a pair of stairs leading down a hill to a rocky area and a gravel beach area. There are usually a lot of divers at this site giving new comers the opportunity to chat with divers that have been diving here for quite a while. I routinely walk down the stairs, take a look at the water, and ask a diver how the visibility is before running back up the stairs and excitedly putting on my gear. Underwater there are nice ledges, large boulders and generally a lot of large friendly fish that are used to divers being in the water. While visiting this dive site, rangers have requested that all divers park in an actual parking spot and not around the loop towards the dam.

Other popular areas are boat access dives. Scuba Sports dive shop is always happy to discuss the different dive sites with divers and let them know how to get there, boat dive tours are also available.

There are three main dive shops located on the Branson side of Table Rock Lake. Scuba Sports owners two of these dive shops. One is located at Rocklane Resort just past Silver Dollar City on Indian Point Road and the other is located off of 248. The combination of these two Scuba Sports dive shops provide lake dive trips, Air fills, equipment sales, rentals, classes, and the lake location is at Table Rock Marina which can provide boat rentals, gas and more. State Park Marina is located off of 165 providing air fills, guided tours, rental equipment and pontoon rental.

Branson is quite a town to see with about any thing you would want to find. There are fast food restaurants, casual dinning, eloquent restaurants, 50ís style dinners, Wal-Mart, Strip malls, crafts, T-shirt warehouses, country music shows, magic shows, bumper cars, helicopter rides, Silver Dollar City Theme Park, White Water theme park, bungee jumping and the list goes on and on. With all the attractions and things to do, Branson makes a perfect vacation for divers that have non-diving family members or friends.


Dive Safe and Have Fun!

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