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Scuba Adventurer arrived at Wilson Lake on Saturday 10-Aug-2002. We headed directly for the dam to take a look at the water. The water looked clear, and anticipated good diving on Sunday. We headed to Wilson State Park where we set up camp next to the water and visited for a while. There had not been much rain in the area which prevented open fires, so we drove into Wilson to eat at the Wilson Recreation Center. This is a nice place with an atmosphere mixed between a diner, restaurant and bar and grill. There dinners were priced reasonably with chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn salad and tea for less then $6.00. 
After eating, we drove around the small town and got back wilson11.jpg (98382 bytes)to camp just in time to see the sun dimming, the sky turn various shades of pink and purple as the sun set sending shimmers of light across the water. The sun could actually be seen lowering behind the hills on the opposite side of the lake, taking only a few wilson14.jpg (286802 bytes)minutes from seeing the entire sun to it totally disappearing. As the sun set the moon appeared and a silence came across  the lake. Darkness slowly came over the campground giving a peaceful tranquility in the silence of the night under brightly lit stars. 

As the night went on a strong wind came, which cooled off the area. Awaking on Sunday, the winds were still constant. We broke down camp and drove to the dam to find that the high winds had sent large waves crashing  into the shore all night, relentlessly stirring up the water. The water was slightly tinted brown and was not as inviting as the previous day. Entering the water on the Lucas Park side of the dam there was a gradual slope with a bottom consisting of mud and sand. During the first few minutes the visibility was only inches but improved to about 1 foot at 10 feet deep and about 1.5 feet at 20 feet. The fish seemed to be curious but stayed just outside of full visibility casting dark shadows as they circled. There did not seem to be much obstacles or fishing line during the dive, but proceeded slowly throughout the entire dive.

We toured the country side from one end of the lake to the other wilson2.jpg (120613 bytes)taking dirt roads that led down to the water at different points. Some of these roads had spectacular views of hills and valleys sloping down to the waters edge. Some had tall weeds next to the road only giving a quick glimpse of the terrain during small breaks in the plant life. On these back roads there were very few people around and not a lot in wildlife for that matter, only seeingwilson9.jpg (98953 bytes) birds quick to fly out from the brush as we drove by. We headed into the wildlife areas and found much of the same with the exception of cows in the surrounding fields. There were many sites to that captured our imagination andwilson8.jpg (137725 bytes) interest from the rolling prairies to the old antique looking farm equipment left abandoned but not forgotten. The most interesting features of this area was the many strange rock formations that thinly extended from the ground and exploded into bulkiness at the top, some almost resembling mushrooms.

Overall this was a relaxing trip giving us time to talk, gaze at the bright night stars and take in the beauty of the northern Kansas prairies open up and reveal an impressive lake. 


Dive Safe and Have Fun!

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