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Canyon Lake has a surface area of over 8,200 acres and a maximum depth of over 120 feet. Average visibility is 5 to 10 feet and generally opens up to better visibility below the thermalcline around 40 feet. The water surface temperature reaches high 80’s in the summer and the thermalcline is about 5 to 10 degrees lower then the surface temperature. Canyon Lake provides good diving year around and is noted to have the best visibility in the spring.

There are two main dive areas on the lake, North Park and Comel Park. Both have a nominal entrance fee per vehicle, but after paying at one you can enter the other at no extra charge.

The first and most popular is at North Park. The dive site is marked off with no wake buoys for the most part making the dive a little safer. If you venture outside of the buoys take caution since this is a high traffic area. North Park has mostly easy access to the water with parking in front of the lake and generally has a lot of divers on shore to talk to. Underwater you will find nice ledges, boulders, fish shelters, cars, boats, motorcycle, and many other objects that have been taken down over the years including a Halloween type coffin. Most fish in the area are extremely friendly to divers. At least one dive each stay we locate a sunken object and dedicate the dive to feeding the fish hotdogs. These fish have been fed so much that most of the time we will have swarms of fish around us that do not hesitate to swim up and eat the hotdogs from our fingertips. While searching for underwater objects such as boats or cars you may see a few fish circling you or swimming back and forth several feet away. This is a good indication that a structure is near by and the fish are coming out to greet you. Stopping and sweeping the area at this point is a good idea, but you may find a sunken tree instead of a boat or car.

Another good dive site is at Comel Park. There is a bit of a walk to get to the dive site following the sidewalk toward the cliffs from the parking lot. Underwater you will find impressive walls, overhangs, and trees as you get to deeper depths. 

The closest dive shop is Goofy’s dive shop located on 306 heading towards town on the left side of the road about four miles from North Park. Goofy’s can provide air fills, some sales and rentals. If you visit this store during the day and it looks closed, walk directly across the street to the inner tube rentals and ask for assistance, someone will come over and take care of you.
Deep Freddy’s dive shop is located in San Marcos about 23 miles from North Park at 312 N. LBJ. Here you can get air fills, some repairs, and a decent selection of new gear and swim suits.

Another dive shop is The Dive shop located about 20 miles from North Park just west of San Marcos on Highway 32. The Dive Shop is open seven days a week providing a good selection of new equipment, air fills, and repairs. From North Park turn left on 306, take a right on 3424 and head north to 32 Highway. Take a right on 32 Highway and follow to the edge of San Marcos. The Dive Shop is located on the right side of the road across from a small strip mall.

There are a few attractions in the area.
Natural Bridge Caverns is a large cave with spectacular formations and is a great place to visit if the weather turns bad during your stay.
Schliterbahn water park has water slides, wave pool, inner tube rides and more. This is a huge park and is a great place to spend the afternoon.
Maricopa River Rides provide a more nature type recreation with tube and canoe rentals which can be enjoyed on the Guadalupe river.
san Antonio is less then an hour way opening up a whole new world. In San Antonio you will find Sea World, The famous River Walk, The Alamo, malls and much more providing about anything you might be looking for.

Canyon Lake is a great place to visit weather you enjoy relaxing by the water and diving, canoeing and tubing on the river or venturing into San Antonio for a little fun.

If interested, please look at the Scuba Adventurer Dive Calendar for the next scheduled trip.

Dive Safe and Have Fun!

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