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Clear Springs Scuba Park is located on the outer East part of Terrell Texas. Terrell has a population of over 12,400 with several restaurants, fast food chains, hotels and a Wal-Mart.

Clear Springs Scuba Park opened in 2001 providing a nice area for diving with submerged walls that extend from the bottom up to a height of 40 feet, large boulders in some areas, lots of aquatic plants and currently two dive platforms with plans to sink more underwater scenery. There seems to be an abundance of large fish that habitat these waters including bass, catfish and purch.

Clear Springs Scuba Park is fed by an underground spring keeping the lower levels of the quarry a cool 59 degrees. The current maximum depth found is reported to be 64 feet but many divers have only found a depth of 58 feet. The visibility at this point is averaging 15 to 30 feet of crystal clear water making the visibility seem even better.

Water access is made easy with several docks extending out over the water. These docks are set in deep enough water that after a giant stride you will be ready for decent. These docks also assist in keeping the water from being stirred up while entering and exiting the water.

The park has descent primitive camping with a new area opening up in the trees. There is currently no RV hookups, showers or restrooms other than port-o-potties that seemed to remain clean during our stay. Tank air fills and ice are available at the dive site. Park enhancements are occurring rapidly to make a visit to the Clear Springs Scuba Park even more enjoyable. If you are in the area, I recommend a stop by the park for a memorable dive.

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