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Visibility on DeGray Lake Arkansas is generally 8 to 14 feet with a surface temperature of 80 degrees in the summer and a thermalcline of 70 degrees at a depth around 30 feet.

There are nice underwater ledges, submerged trees and some fish shelters that have been placed in the lake by the core of engineers. A topographical map with fish shelter markings can be purchased at Iron Mountain Marina next to Ocean Extreme dive shop.

Local divers stated that spear fishing is excellent at Lake DeGray with the submerged trees and sunken fish shelters providing a lot of fish habitat. If interested in spear fishing at Degray Lake, please refer to Arkansas fish and game for rules and regulations.

Ocean Extreme is the only dive shop on the lake and is located next to Iron Mountain Marina. Combined, Ocean Extreme and Iron Mountain provide scuba tank fills, tank visuals, scuba rentals, some scuba sales, boat rentals, gas, party barge rentals, accommodations and more. Hills Lake Escape is also located at Iron Mountain providing house boat rentals.

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