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PADI Recreational Dive Planner Recall

Dear Fellow Diver,

PADI recently issued a recall notice for certain Recreational Dive Planners (RDP). Errors by the printer caused inaccurate or missing numbers on these RDPs.

While analysis of the problems shows that the risk of injury from errors is remote, for the sake of safety, we ask that you immediately check any RDP that you purchased or received during this period, against the product and production codes listed below. Please note not all RDPs shipped during the latter half of 2002 have printer errors.

All RDPs included in this recall from June 2002 through January 2003, bear the printing mark "Printed in the USA" located on the backside upper right corner and contain a produce number and production code similar to the ones listed below. Only the tables with the following product number and production codes are included in this recall. In addition, if the dive table does not contain a production code it is not included in this recall. The product number and production code is generally located at the bottom right corner on the backside of the table. The product number and production code consist of a series of numbers and letters resembling Product No. 60049 XXXPDJ2. The product number and production code may be transposed on some tables.

In checking the following production codes on your table, ignore the first three digits and only check the last four.

Product Number Description Production Code
RDP, Enriched Air 32%
Table, Imperial
RDP, Enriched Air 32%
Table, Metric
RDP, Enriched Air 36%
Table, Imperial
RDP, Enriched Air 36%Table, Metric XXXPDJ2, XXXPDK2,
RDP, Table, Imperial
RDP, Table, Metric


If you have an RDP with the product number and production code listed above, please return it to a PADI Dive Center or Resort for a free replacement. DO NOT USE THE RDP TO PLAN YOUR DIVES.

In the United Sates and Canada, you may call our toll free number 866-698-0974.

PADI supports and promotes diver safety, thank you for checking your RDP. 

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CPSC, UWATEC AG Announce Recall of 1995 Aladin Air X NitrOx Dive Computers

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), UWATEC AG, of Hallwil, Switzerland, is voluntarily recalling about 390 dive computers manufactured in 1995 and sold under the model name Aladin Air X NitrOx . Software in the dive computers may inaccurately calculate desaturation times, resulting in possible decompression sickness under aggressive dive conditions.

UWATEC AG has received five reports of decompression sickness allegedly associated with the use of the 1995 dive computers.

This recall involves Aladin Air X NitrOx dive computers manufactured in 1995. The manufacture date is located on the back of the dive computer, in the lower right hand corner. The date code reads the number of the month followed by a decimal point and the year, for example, "01.95." The dive computers are blue and black with the words "Aladin" and "NitrOx" printed across the front. Aladin Air X NitrOx dive computers with date codes other than "95" are not included in this recall.

Scuba diving stores sold the dive computers nationwide from July 1995 through March 1996 for between $950 and $1,200.

Consumers should stop using these dive computers immediately and contact UWATEC for a free replacement. Consumers will receive the current model, Aladin Air Z Nitrox. For more information, consumers can contact UWATEC toll-free at (800) 806-0640 anytime or visit the firm's web site at

Identifying affected computers.

UWATEC is conducting a voluntary recall of the Aladin Air X Nitrox dive computer manufactured in 1995. You can determine if you have one of these units by turning the computer over and looking for the test date in the lower right hand corner. The affected units will have the number of the month followed by a decimal point and the number 95. If the test date is a year other than 1995, your dive computer is not included in this recall.

For safety reasons, we ask that you stop using the 1995 dive computer immediately.

Replacement Program

UWATEC will replace your 1995 dive computer with a current model, the Aladin Air Z Nitrox dive computer. In order to obtain a replacement, register on line by filling out the form below. After we obtain your name, address, and telephone number, UWATEC will send you a return shipping box and UPS shipping label. All you will need to do is to place the 1995 dive computer in this box, seal the box, attach the UPS label, and drop it off at any UPS shipping location. Once we have verified that the unit is under the recall, we will mail you a replacement computer.

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Click here Uwatec actual recall info


CPSC, Johnson Outdoors Inc. Announce Recall of SCUBAPRO/UWATEC™ Dive Computer Consoles

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Johnson Outdoors Inc., of Racine, Wis., is voluntarily recalling about 1,700 SCUBAPRO/UWATEC™ dive computer consoles. The U-Line™ submersible pressure gauge that is part of the dive consoles can malfunction and display inaccurate pressure readings. Divers using the consoles could fail to decompress properly during a dive, causing decompression sickness.

CPSC and Johnson Outdoors Inc. have received four reports of the pressure gauge malfunctioning. No injuries have been reported.

Only U-Line™ submersible pressure gauges contained in UWATEC™ brand Smart PRO™, Pro ULTRA™, and Sport PLUS™ dive computer consoles are included in the recall. The consoles are mostly gray in color and the brand name "UWATEC™" is written on the front of each console. The pressure gauges are made in the U.S. and the computers are made in Switzerland. All of the recalled consoles have a test code that appears on the back of the gauge as follows:

Test Codes:

Tested - IL
Tested - LL
Tested - DM
Tested - JL
Tested - AM
Tested - EM
Tested - KL
Tested - BM
Tested - LL
Tested - CM

Aquatic sports, sporting goods and dive shops nationwide sold these gauges from January 2002 through May 2002 for between $500 and $700.

Consumers should stop using the recalled consoles immediately and contact SCUBAPRO/UWATEC at (800) 382-2211 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's web site at . Consumers should send the console to SCUBAPRO/UWATEC, Attention: Tech Services/U-Line PG 1166 Fesler Street, El Cajon, CA 92020, to receive a replacement pressure gauge.

No other SCUBAPRO/UWATEC products are included in the recall.

Picture of Recalled SCUBAPRO/UWATEC™ Dive 
Computer Consoles

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April 30, 2002
Sherwood SCUBA Has Recalled Maximus Regulators

Irvine, CA (SafetyAlerts) - Sherwood SCUBA LLC has recalled about 14,000 Maximus SCUBA regulators. The second stage orifices on these regulators can be cracked, bent or broken. This can result in a loss of breathing air underwater.

Sherwood SCUBA has received seven reports of broken second stage orifices on these regulators. Two of the regulators broke during dives underwater. No injuries were reported.

The Maximus regulators included in this recall have the following model, serial numbers and connection types:

Model Number

Serial Number

Range Description
K600001 through K611834
Yoke Connection
DK60000 through DK62000
Din-Style Connection
EK600001 through EK62000
Yoke Connection

The serial numbers are laser marked on the top of the second stage case next to the mouthpiece.

Authorized Sherwood SCUBA distributors and dealers nationwide sold these regulators from January 1998 through November 2000 for about $580.

Consumers should stop using the recalled regulators immediately, and contact their nearest authorized Sherwood retailer for a free repair. For more information, call Sherwood SCUBA at (800) 469-9929 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, or go to the firm's web site at

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CPSC, Oceanic USA Announce Recall of Scuba Regulators 

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Oceanic USA, of San Leandro, Calif., is recalling about 24,700 Oceanic CDX first stage regulators used for scuba diving. Extreme vibration can occur within these CDX regulators, which can cause an air leakage underwater. Divers could run out of air and drown.

Oceanic has received six reports of noise or vibration accompanied by air leakage. No injuries have been reported.

Oceanic CDX first stage regulators subject to the recall have serial numbers 9200001 to 9205622, 9800013 to 9801711, 0200001 to 0213294, 0D0001 to 0D3046, or 9D0001 to 9D3273. The serial number is stamped into the side of the body of the regulator. The regulators have the name "OCEANIC" written on the rubber boot of the first stage. These CDX regulators were sold with the following second stage regulators: Alpha 7, Delta 3, Gamma 2, and Zeta.

Authorized Oceanic dealers sold these regulator sets worldwide from May 1999 through October 2002 for between $330 to $640, depending on the second stage.

Consumers should stop using the recalled CDX regulators immediately and take them to any authorized Oceanic dealer to get a free repair. Other repairs or normal maintenance performed in addition to the recall repair will incur a charge. For more information, contact Oceanic toll-free at (866) 723-2642 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, by visiting the firm's web site at, by writing an email to, or by writing to Oceanic USA, 2002 Davis Street, San Leandro, CA 94577

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Luxfer announces trade-in program for 6351-alloy scuba tanks in the United States

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (December 9, 2002)—
Luxfer Gas Cylinders has announced a new scuba tank trade-in program to enable owners of older Luxfer scuba tanks manufactured in the U.S. from 6351 aluminum alloy to trade in their tanks and receive credit toward the purchase of new scuba tanks made from Luxfer’s proven, proprietary 6061 alloy. Luxfer will implement the simple four-step program outlined below on January 1, 2003. The program will end on December 31, 2003. This is a limited one-year offer!

  1. To determine whether your Luxfer scuba tank is made from 6351 aluminum alloy, check the original hydrostatic test date (the earliest date) stamped on the crown. (Look for a month/year combination, such as 3/75.) If the stamped year is 1972 through 1987, the tank is made from 6351 alloy. A limited number of Luxfer scuba tanks were also made from 6351 alloy during the first half of 1988. If you have a 1988 tank with an original hydrostatic test date of 6/88 or earlier, Luxfer will assume that it is a 6351-alloy tank and issue an RG number. Tanks with an original hydrostatic test date of 7/88 or later are made from 6061 alloy and are not eligible for the trade-in program.

  2. Call the Luxfer Customer Service Department toll-free (1-800-764-0366) and report the number of 6351-alloy tanks to be exchanged. A Luxfer customer service representative will ask you for the model number, serial number and original hydrostatic test date for each tank, as well as your return mailing information. The representative will then issue you a returned goods (RG) authorization number and tell you how to ship tanks to Luxfer in order to receive a special $50 credit voucher for each tank.

  3. Send your 6351-alloy scuba tanks directly to Luxfer’s plants in Graham, North Carolina, or Riverside, California (whichever is closest).

  4. Luxfer will mail you a $50 voucher for each tank. You may redeem these vouchers1 toward the purchase of new Luxfer 6061-alloy scuba tanks at any participating dive shop or retail store.

Remember, this limited program will only be available during 2003—so don’t delay!


1 Vouchers cannot be redeemed for other products or services nor be redeemed, returned or exchanged for cash. Vouchers cannot be combined with any other promotion or voucher. Vouchers contain no implied warranties. Replacement vouchers may be subject to a replacement fee. Pricing and availability of Luxfer 6061-alloy scuba tanks are subject to change without notice. Luxfer reserves the right to terminate this trade-in program at any time, in which case Luxfer will redeem unused vouchers in the form of cash or a substitute certificate. This promotion is void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Luxfer is not responsible for any applicable state tax. For more information about this offer, visit Luxfer’s website at or call Luxfer Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-764-0366.

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