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Greers Ferry Lake has an average visibility of 15 to 20 feet with an average surface temperature of 80 degrees in the summer and a thermalcline of about 68 degrees around 30 feet.

This lake tends to render its self to boat diving only, with no diving in campground areas due to boat traffic coming into shore to park.

The recommended diving areas are next to any of the cliffs that extend out of the water. There is currently no dive location maps of the lake, but a topographical map can be purchased at marinas or Charley's bait and Sports.

There are three places to get air tanks filled. Herber Springs Marina can fill air tanks, has knowledge of diving the lake and is located at Herber Springs Park on the East End of the lake. Dam Site Marina fills air tanks and is located at Dam Site campgrounds. Lacey’s Narrows Marina fills air tanks, has boat rentals, sales shirts and more, located on the Western end of the lake in Greers Ferry. Charley's bait and Sports does not offer air fills, but does carry dive flags, spear gun replacement bands, a verity of diving accessories, water toys, bait and tackle. The closest scuba gear rental is in Little Rock, about 30 miles away.

Spear fishing is legal on this lake and if you are interested, please refer to Arkansas Fish and Game regulations.

Herber Springs is a town of over 5000 people with about any thing you would need for a weekend or an extended stay with fast food chains, restaurants, Wal-Mart, boat store, a verity of hotels, cabins and campgrounds. There are only a few attractions in the area of Herber Springs. The fish hatchery displays some of the local fish in a few aquariums built into the walls of a small room and a large hatchery in front of the building. The information Center has a small area displaying history of the area and hiking trails located behind the building. If you are into antiques, there are several shops located in Herber Springs and Greers Ferry. Residents of Herber Springs had two restaurants that were highly recommended, Smoke House for breakfast serving a little bit of everything and Lougies serving Italian, pizza, steak and more.

The area residents were very friendly and went out of their way to help us out during our stay.

I want to send a special thanks to the divers that recommended I visit the lake and the emails Scuba Adventurer received requesting information about the diving at Greers Ferry.