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2001 Trip results

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Scuba Adventurer visited Possum Kingdom the weekend of 09-June-2001. The visibility was not as good as normal, but we did have about 10 feet visibility above the thermalcline in front of Scuba Point at the first wall. I ran across some dead crabs on underwater ledges and at first thought that maybe fisherman were using them for bait until I came across some moving along the bottom at about 20 feet. I had never seen such a thing in fresh water before, but I could have easily missed them in the past since they were only about the size of a quarter and were extremely shy, tucking into any crevice they could find.

We also raised a jet boat that had sunk, just up past Lindy's Lakeview lodge in 90 feet of water. It was dark at this depth but when we raised the boat up between 30 and 40 feet we could easily see from one end of the boat to the other which was around 20 feet. After the boat was successfully put on the trailer and pulled out of the water a bunch of us went into Hinnies Bar and Grill located at Lindy’s Lake View Lodge where talked for hours in the casual atmosphere.

We stayed at Scenic Point North View, which is located just a few miles from Scuba Point. These were nice accommodations set up like small condominiums with a bedroom on the 2nd floor and nice small decks that overlooked the water from across the main road. Unfortunately these are expected to be turned into condos before the end of summer 2001.

If you have not heard, Tom Davis the founder of Scuba Point passed away and his daughter took over the business. She has raised the prices to $10.00 per diver with hopes to improve the facility with the price increase. She has a lot of good intentions for the facility and I look forward to seeing the improvements.

One thing that I tell all divers that have not visited Scuba Point at Possum Kingdom is, when you first get in the water the visibility is generally low due to the amount of divers entering in the same place, but the visibility normally opens up at or before the first ledge.

Overall it was an exciting and fun trip and we are looking forward to another adventurer here soon.


Dive Safe and Have Fun!

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