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Lake Quachita has over 1000 miles of shoreline with Visibility generally between 15 to 20 feet on the West End of the lake and 15 to 40 feet towards the dam. The surface temperature peaks in the high 80s during the summer and the thermalcline is 70 degrees at a depth around 30 feet. Maximum Depth of the lake is over 200 feet..

Topographical maps can be purchased at local marinas. Lake Quachita Dive Shop also sells these maps and will put numbers on the map that reference each dive site location.

There is some shore access diving areas located on Lake Quachita. The easiest to find is at the dam. There is a staircase with a lot of steps leading down to the water, located on the left just as you get to the other side of the dam. Entering the water should be easy, but using the stairs leading down the hill to the water may be rough loaded with gear. There is shore access at Joplin Point next to Ocean Extreme Dive Shop. The dive shop can point you in the right direction for this dive.

There is no shortages of dive shops in the area, weather you are at the lake or in Hot Springs. If you need something while you are there you will most likely be able to find it. The three dive shops that are located on the lake are Ocean Extreme providing air fill, classes, lake dive tours, some repairs, sales, rental equipment and is located at Mountain Harbor.. Lake Quachita Dive center providing tank fills, private charters, classes, rental equipment, repairs, sales and is located at Brady Mountain. Crystal Springs provides air fills and a few accessories.

Quachita Lake is located just outside of Hot Springs Arkansas. At Hot Springs you can find restaurants from fast food to eloquent dinning, a verity of stores, some attractions, and dive shops. There are some impressive views in the area. The 1st and highly recommended is Micha’s point. This is a spectacular view of the lake just up the road from Joplin Point Campgrounds. The 2nd is West Mountain that overlooks Hot Springs and lakes in the distance.

Even though the lake is known for its great diving and small fresh water non-stinging jellyfish if you are not a diver, this is a beautiful area with large trees, impressive views, winding roads and over 200 islands providing nice private beaches to relax or to have a picnic.

Dive Safe and Have Fun!

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