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When and Where:

Place: Stockton Lake Mo.

When: Memorial Weekend 24-26 of May-2003

Divers meeting between 9:00 and 9:30am Saturday (24-May-02) at Orleans Trails Marina and Dive Shop Parking lot prior to 1st dive. Everyone is invited!

Please send an E-mail if you are planning on joining this trip to



Water Conditions:

The water should be close to its peak visibility depending on the amount of rain, ect. I am sure that Saturday will be a good day for diving but unsure about visibility Sunday and Monday depending on the amount of boat traffic. I have seen days that there was close to 30 foot visibility in the spring but it can drop to 8 or 10 feet.

If you are planning to join us, I recommend taking a full wet suit with anticipation of water temp being 60 degrees or above. The water temperature at Stockton was 24 degrees on 24-April-2003.



More information:

Scuba Adventurer will be arriving in Stockton on Friday evening and will be staying at The Owl Haven Resort, room 205. This hotel is great for multiple divers with some rooms having a main living room with a couch, kitchenettes and two separate bedrooms. We booked one of these rooms for $61.50 per night with 4 occupants. 
Rooms are filling up fast at Stockton so make reservations as soon as possible if you are planning on joining this trip. 

If you are planning on camping there are two camping areas at Orleans trails, one that is RV and one that is primitive. The RV and Camper area is generally full and reserved several weeks in advance to this weekend. The Primitive camping area generally has open camp sites, but I do recommend reserving in advance. Orleans Trails also has a bunch of cottages that are located in front of the primitive camping, but there are currently no vacancies for this weekend and they are taking names incase of any cancellations.


The following are phone numbers that can be called for reservations:

Owl Haven Resort (417) 276-4907

Orleans trails Marina and Camping (417) 276-5161 or 1-888-826-0230.

Orleans trails Resort/Restaurant  (417) 276-3566


There are several other motels and camping areas in Stockton that are listed on Scuba Adventurer Stockton Mo. web page. Every place should be within 15 minutes to any of the dive sites.


Diving Activities:

Stockton Lake can be impressive to dive. Scuba Adventurer is planning all shore access  dives the entire weekend. The following dive locations are where we are planning on diving this weekend, but not necessarily in the order listed:


215 Bridge Dive Site:  
Underwater sites:
Small and large rocks, Ledges, holes, crevices some trees and fish.

The Horseshoe Dive Site:
This is a great dive site! 
Underwater sites:
An impressive 90 degree wall dive that starts at a depth around 30 feet at the top and the bottom can drop to around 90 feet in places. Around the top there will be large rocks and boulders with a variety of fish. This wall is in a horseshoe shape that wraps around away from the spill way.  There is a LARGE hill to access this dive site, but it is well worth the walk. 

1560 Rd South Boat Ramp Dive Site:
Underwater sites:
This dive Site Area has a Rocky bottom with small ledges, large boulders and generally has lots of fish.

Beach East of Stockton Dam Dive Site:
Underwater sites:
This is a good shallow dive.
This dive has a very gradual slope under water. Large rocks in water start at a depth around 7 feet straight out from beach that turns into small ledge that seems to run the length of the beach. around 15 or 20 feet there are small crevices in the ledge and some fish. After last ledge the bottom begins a steep decline of small rocks to depth around 35 foot where the seems to turn to silt.

Beach West of Dam Dive Site:

Underwater sites:
This dive site area has a small rocks / sandy  bottom that gradually slopes to about 30 feet in depth.  Heading toward the dam from the beach there is a small ledge and a steep hill. This dive site has a nice beach of tinny rocks and some sand.
This beach is a great place to go with  non-divers who enjoy the sand, sun and water.

Let me know if you would like any further information.

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