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New web Page Updates


Date New Information and Updates
18-July-2000 Canyon lake information and picture Page.



25-July-2000 Updated Stockton Lake, added picture page and dive site direction page.


01-August-2000 Added search engine to quarry Scuba Adventurer's web.


11-August-2000 Updated  hit counter back on line.


11-August-2000 Updated Norfork lake information.


11-August-2000 Added Norfork lake picture page.


16-August-2000 Added Port Aransas Area Information Page.


16-August-2000 Added Port Aransas picture page.


18-August-2000 Added dive club listings page.


25-August-2000 PADI AWARE Project at Table Rock Lake page. Great weekend diving price. You can make a difference.


31-August-2000 Added link to Quail Run Divers Quarry located in Rolla Mo.


07-September-2000 Updated Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas.


14-September-2000 Added information on Chalk Bluff dive area on the Nueces River in Texas.


20-September-2000 Added picture page of PADI Project AWARE at Table Rock Lake Mo. from September 2000.


27-September-2000 Added Post Card and Greeting Card page.


12-October-2000 Added picture page of Bull Shoals Arkansas.


24-October-2000 Added picture page of Chalk Bluff  diving area on the Nueces River in Texas.


28-October-2000 through 6-Nov-2000 Search engine updates.


 19-Nov-2000 Updated Scuba Adventurer Home Page.


27-Nov-2000 Updated Branson Missouri, Dewey Short Diving Area.


30-Dec-2000 Delays due to main computer problems. Updates should go to normal. Thank you for your patients.


12-January-2001 Added Divers Chat Room. Let us know how you like it.


15-January-2001 Added divers information page for Athens Texas.


20-January-2001 Updated Scuba Dive Club Listings.


30-January-2001 Updated Norfork Arkansas diving information.


04-Febuary-2001 Added 2001 dive schedule. There will be more dives scheduled, so be sure to visit often.


15- Febuary-2001 Updated Scuba Dive Site locations Weather.


22-Febuary-2001 Updated Port Aransas information page.


29 -Febuary-2001 Updated Stockton information page.


06-12 March-2001 Search Engine updates.


18-April-2001 Search Engine updates.


27-April-2001 Updated Scuba Adventurer Home Page.


17-May-2001 Updated Scuba Adventurer dive site locations page.


18-May-2001 Updated Scuba Adventurer Home Page.


18-May-2001 Added info for 1st dive of the year 2001 at Stockton lake Mo. Linked from 2001 dive calendar.


19-May-2001 Updated Possum Kingdom Dive Site Information.


23-May-2001 Updated chris page.


23-May-2001 Updated Stockton trip 2001.


23-May-2001 Updated Scuba Adventurer Home Page.


24-May-2001 Added Possum Kingdom Trip 2001 information.


30-May-2001 Updated driving directions and dive areas information for Stockton lake.


08-June-2001 Updated states dive site locations / map pages.


13-June-2001 Updated Possum Kingdom information page and picture page. See the sunken boat recovery.


20-June-2001 Added sporting equipment sales web page.


21-June-2001 Added Lake Whitney Texas Scuba Dive Trip 2001 information. Linked to Lake Whitney Texas information page.


21-June-2001 Updated scuba dive calendar 2001.


29-June-2001 2001Table Rock Lake Missouri PADI AWARE trip information updated. This is a great trip!


02-July-2001 Updated dive club listings page.


09-July-2001 Added Dive Trip 2001 information to Canyon Lake Information Page.


09-July-2001 Updated Canyon Lake Information Page.


26-July-2001 Updated the Lake Whitney Information Page.


26-July-2001 Added information for Dive For The Heart, More Info to come soon..


29-July-2001 Added Lake Whitney trip 2001 pictures and brief description .


August Adding diver inputs to area information. Add your diving experiences, or stories to these areas .


08-August-2001 Added Scuba Joke and Story page .


10-August-2001 Updated Canyon Lake information Page .


15-August-2001 Added Oronogo Mo. Blue Water lake information.


21-August-2001 Added Quail Run Divers Quarry, Rolla Mo. information.


22-August-2001 Added attractions list to Rolla Missouri, Quail Run Divers Quarry.


22-August-2001 Added Quail Run Divers Quarry, Rolla Mo. area pictures.


25-August-2001 Updated Dive For the Heart information. Terrell Texas. Linked from IMPORTANT EVENT at top of Home Page in Red. Also at dive trips 2001, 8-Sep-01.


04-September-2001 Moved Water Conditions and Dive Shops to the top of each information page.


05-September-2001 Updated key words and search engine submissions.


05-September-2001 Scuba Adventurer is heading for Terrell's DIVE for the HEART. Hope to see you there! 


10-September-2001 Added picture page of Dive For The Heart 2001 at Clear Springs Scuba Park in Terrell Texas. linked from Dive For The Heart on Scuba Adventurer Home Page. Started event results 


10-September-2001 Started Dive For The Heart 2001 event results. More information coming soon.


12-September-2001 More Dive For The Heart 2001 event results. 


12-September-2001 Started Lake DeGray Arkansas information and picture page. More updates coming soon 


21-September-2001 Added Branson Mo. Table Rock Lake PADI AWARE Results and Pictures.  


28-September-2001 Added scuba links page. Over 100 helpful links of scuba and information.  


10-October-2001 Each scuba dive site location has been receiving links to area web pages providing even more information.  These additions should be completed soon.
28-October-2001 Area information links are completed and more links will be added as they become available.
29-October-2001 Added Scuba Ring to Scuba Adventurer home page.
29-October-2001 Updated scuba links page.
02-Nov-2001 Added Terrell Texas Clear Springs Scuba Park Information and Picture Page.
10-Nov-2001 Added Divers comments page to Table Rock Lake Missouri and Lake Quachita Arkansas.

Scuba Adventurer Area reviews were completed and posted for, Lake Quachita Arkansas, Table Rock Lake Missouri, Terrell Texas and Degray Lake.


Added Scuba Adventurer Park Chalk Bluff Uvalde Texas Area review and diver comment page.


Added underwater pictures to the dive site information page.


Added Scuba Adventurer Oronogo Blue Water Joplin/Web City Missouri Area review and diver comment page.


Scuba Ring is now up and running.


Added information page, Divers comments page and Adventurer Review for Greers Ferry Lake Arkansas.


Added Scuba Adventurer Review of Canyon Lake Texas.


Updated Scuba Adventurer Home Page.


Minor updates on Canyon lake Texas and Lake Quachita Arkansas.


Updates to Scuba Adventurer home page.


Search engine submittals.


Scuba Adventurer received 2002 Divers' Site Award from Deep Diversions.


scuba-adevnturer url forwarding has been trouble shot and corrected.


Minor updates to Tenkiller Lake Oklahoma.


Added Branson to the Branson Missouri area information page.


Minor changes to Scuba Adventurer Home Page.


Updated Canyon Lake Texas Information Page.


Updated Scuba Diving Links Page.


Updated Dive Club Listings Form.


Added Dive Shop Listings Page.


Updated Tenkiller Lake Oklahoma Information Page.


Added  Trip Results for 2002 and added Divers comments page for Possum Kingdom Texas.


Minor Changes to picture pages.


Added a Quick Picture Link which will allow direct access to all dive area pictures.


Scuba Adventurer guest book is back up and running.


Minor adjustments to front page.


I have received many requests for permission to link to Scuba Adventurer. Any link is welcome and I want to thank everyone for your support. A link to Scuba Adventurer page has been added.


Added Dive Buddy Listing and form.


Updated scuba links page.


Updated Scuba Adventurer Home Page, moved links around into better categories.


Moved Scuba Radio Link to Scuba Links Page, under other dive information.


Added the link of Curiosity page. Links to interesting information.


Started Schedule for Dive Trips in 2002, Many more will be added.


Added a page for dive shops, Dive Sites and organizations to post trips. 


Added Scuba Search engines to the Scuba Links Page. 


Added World Link to the Scuba Links Page World Diving area. 


Updated the link of Curiosity page.   Does the giant shark Carcharodon (Megalodon) still EXIST? Theorized to be extinct for millions of years, yet sightings of sharks 100 feet plus in size were reported in the early 1900's. With an ocean so vast, deep and unexplored, can we really be sure?


 Updated the link of Curiosity page.
Added  Shark Attack Files
Excellent details with statistics. You are 460 times more likely to be hit by lightening in a costal area then bitten by a shark.


 Added Dive buddy page sorted by last entry.


 Edited Scuba Adventurer home page for faster viewing.


 Minor adjustments for search engine placement.


 Updated Joplin Missouri, Blue Lake at Oronogo information page.


 Added dive organizations to the Diving links page with links to DAN, PADI and NAUI.



 We have returned from our tour of Texas and our skin is still wrinkled from a week of great diving. Information on the trip coming soon!



Added NOVA's  Treasures of the Sunken City to the link of curiosity.


The Scuba Adventurer web page has just reached 100 MB of scuba diving information and still growing.


Added the 2002 Tour of Texas Review linked from home page and 2002 calendar of events.


Updated some of Port Aransas, Whitney, Travis.


The email address has only been transferring some email properly  and was not caught till last night. I am sorting through hundreds of emails that are now accessible and replying to them in the order they were received.  I apologize for any inconvenience. This email address is now working properly and will be monitored frequently.


Scuba News was added to Scuba Adventurer Home Page. Travis and Canyon Lakes in Texas are closed to recreational boating. Check out the  articles and pictures.


Some times web pages change their URL Names. For this reason all links  on dive site locations were checked and  the new web page addresses located located and linked if they moved. 


Added in formation about Table Rock Lake 2002 PADI AWARE Cleanup sponsored by Scuba Sports Dive Shop out of Branson Missouri. 


Added Lake Whitney Texas Trip 2002 with pictures to the Whitney information page. 


Please go to the new web page updates for new information. the new web page updates will have new listings at the top. Click here to view

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