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Date New Information and Updates

New article about the North Wells divers Death Trap.


Added a Classified adds page for people to list things to be sold, traded or wanted. 


Added a t-shirt page accessible from the Scuba Adventurer home page. 


Added An underwater posters and calendar page accessible from the Scuba Adventurer home page.


Pictures of the September 2003 PADI PROJECT AWARE at Table Rock Lake have been posted.


PADI AWARE 2003 event information at Table Rock Lake has been posted and can be accessed through the 2003 calendar of events or Branson Missouri information page. 


A picture page for the Treasure hunt at Rolla Missouri last weekend has been posted. Article scheduled for next week. 


Added a new page about diving the Texas Gulf. This page has informational links, weather buoy links, charter service links and much more! 


The Article Bonaire in May 2003Article by Jean-Sebastien Morisset has been added to the Adventurer Article Page.


Added "A Storm of Fury at Lake Whitney, Texas" article.


Added an article about the Treasure Hunt at Whitney Texas Dive Trip 2003 Results.


Added Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park to the Terrell Clear springs Scuba Park information page.


Added pictures to Whitney, Texas and Oronogo, Missouri picture pages.


The Blue Lake at Oronogo, Missouri article and pictures for 2003 have been posted.


Scuba Adventurer has been awarded THE GOLDEN WEB AWARD for 2003-2004. This is posted on the Awards page


Updates have been made to Whitney Lake Texas and Stockton Lake Missouri. Minor updates to Dive shop Listing page.


Scuba Adventurer will be attending The W.I.L.D. ( "Whitney Independent Lake Divers") Treasure Hunt that starts at 2pm, 14-June-2003. Visit the Scuba Adventurer Calendar of events for more information.


The (888) Phone number for The Scuba Park at Lake Whitney has changes. Please visit the Scuba Adventurer Lake Whitney information page the new phone number.


The article and pictures of Scuba Adventurer Dive Trip to Stockton Lake Missouri on Memorial has been published. This page can be accessed through the Adventurer Articles or the Stockton Information Page.


Scuba Adventurer has just got word that Deep Freddy's Dive Shop in New Braunfels  /  Canyon Lake Texas has closed. I am sure that all of you that have visited Deep Freddy will miss it, and everyone involved with running it.


Added information about the Scuba Adventurer Dive Trip to Stockton Lake Missouri Memorial weekend. Check out the information on the Dive Calendar or Stockton Missouri information page. Reply to email address provided on that page if interested in joining the trip.


The Diving Links Page has been updated and dead links removed in a clean up effort that is repeated every few months.


An article page has been added which is linked from the Scuba Adventurer home Page. All articles have been added to this page for easy access along with two new articles.


An article has been added about Scuba Diving Sipadan which was submitted by Joe of Borneo Divers. Excellent information and many great pictures.


Added this years Scuba Adventurer calendar Calendar of diving events. 
Events to be posted soon! 


Added this years Posted Diving Events page. These events are posted by Dive Shops or Dive Sites and may not be on the Scuba Adventurer Calendar of Events. The Scuba Park at Lake Whitney is the first to sign up this year. Make sure to get your information posted for free.


Added Scuba Equipment Recall page, linked from the Scuba Adventurer Diving News Page. Some of these Recalls have appeared on the Scuba Adventurer News Page. 


The Deep Freddy's Dive Shop Has moved to 16700 IH 35 New Braunfels Texas, Located at the Texas Ski Ranch. ("TSR")
Check out their new Dive Shop On their temporary website located on The Scuba Adventurer Canyon Lake information page. 


Scuba Adventurer has been checking links on information pages and correcting the information. 


Updated Scuba Links Page. Added even more links and removed some non-responsive ones.


Added a link to the National Data buoy information to Port Aransas  dive site information. Lots of information being generated through this new link.


Minor updates throughout the web page, to help keep information current.


Added new web page with pictures dive houseboat from Whitney Lake Texas Scuba Park, Linked from The Scuba Park web page.


Added Table Rock PADI AWARE 2002 Picture Page and Review Page.


Updated the Link of curiosity with Underwater Ruins, The Official Graham Hancock Website and Gallery.


Added information on Wilson Lake Kansas, including area information page, Area review, Picture page, trip 2002 results, divers comments page and more.


There are some technical difficulties with the main computer at Scuba Adventurer. Regular updates may be delayed for the next few days. Emails are being responded as normal. 
All new Dive Shop Listings and dive buddy Listings are being processed, stored and will be listed as soon as the computer is back on line. Thank you for your patience.


Added underwater pictures of Oronogo Missouri Blue Lake. See the plain, cars, and computer.


New pictures have been added to the following picture pages, Canyon Lake Texas, Chalk Bluff Texas, Port Aransas Texas, Stockton Lake Missouri, Travis Lake Texas, Lake Whitney Texas .


Don't forget to check out the diving news page updates. Scuba Adventurer is looking for new stories all the time .


Improved the Scuba Adventurer updates page for easier viewing. The latest information will be posted at the top of this page. For old information please click on the link at the top of the page "Old Updates". For your convenience the last couple of weeks have been transferred to this page.


Added Lake Whitney Texas Trip 2002 with pictures to the Whitney information page. 


Added in formation about Table Rock Lake 2002 PADI AWARE Cleanup sponsored by Scuba Sports Dive Shop out of Branson Missouri. 


Some times web pages change their URL Names. For this reason all links  on dive site locations were checked and  the new web page addresses located located and linked if they moved. 


Scuba News was added to Scuba Adventurer Home Page. Travis and Canyon Lakes in Texas are closed to recreational boating. Check out the  articles and pictures.

Important update

Scuba Adventurer updates page has improved for easier viewing. The latest information will be posted at the to of this page. For old information please click on the link at the top of the page "Old Updates". For your convenience the last couple of weeks have been transferred to this page.

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