Lake Whitney Trip 2001

Dock Walkway Lift

Scuba Adventurer got the opportunity to meet and dive with The Diving Rebels Dive Club at The Scuba Park at Lake Whitney the weekend of 14-July-2001. The Diving Rebels are the oldest dive club in Texas. These divers are a great group of people. During their stay at the Scuba Park they volunteered to lift a walkway that had previously sunk in the dive area due to storm. This walkway weighed approximately 1000 Lbs and had sunk to a depth of about 30 feet. The walkway was brought to the surface with inner tubes and pulled onto shore with a wench on a jeep. The owners of The Scuba Park, Darrell and Judy Puryear gave free air fills and hamburgers for job well done. If you get the chance be sure to meet up with The Diving Rebels. Here is a link to Diving Rebels web page


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