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Lake Whitney Trip 2002

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We Arrived at the Scuba Park at Lake Whitney at 12am onwhitney_trop20024.jpg (134247 bytes) Wednesday 03-July-2002. Thursday there were about four divers at the park and more came in that evening including the group from Scuba Dive The sky was lit up the night of the 4th with campers setting off fireworks almost like they were in competition with each other, making a show that even boats stopped to watch.

Friday we awoke to grim sky's with the possibility of rain. The first rain storm hit with a furry, draining dirt from the surrounding hills into the cove at The Scuba Park. Even after the burst of rain was over, there was the sound of water draining over the cliffs on the side of the cove from small brown tinted waterfalls. A cloud of murkiness crept across the cove which kept divers from venturing into the water. The rain sputtered several times throughout the day and evening keeping the outside air cool.whitney_trip20026.jpg (93530 bytes)

whitney_trip20025.jpg (92293 bytes)Saturday The surface of the water looked clear and the visibility was an astonishing 5 foot which was incredible given the fact that the rain hadwhitney_trip20027.jpg (80819 bytes) mucked up the water so bad that it was impossible to even see into the water from the shore the day before. Divers were in water most of the day checking out the underwater terrain and escaping fromwhitney_trip20028.jpg (21463 bytes) the heat of the day. As dusk set in a crowd of people showed up for the fireworks show set off in front of the camping area and marina from a barge out on the lake. Boats gathered all around the point of the campground making a spectacular view of boat lights glimmering across the water. The DJ set up and kept the crowd entertained into the evening after the fireworks show was over.

Another trip to The Scuba Park at Lake Whitney has passed and as always we left with happy thoughts of our visit, meeting new people, talking with old acquaintances, enjoying fun diving and relaxation. 

Dive Safe and Have Fun!

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