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Scuba Adventurer arrived at The Scuba Park at Lake Whitney at 4pm on Friday 13-June-2003 to find a thunderstorm moving in. The wind was blowing strong bringing the rain down at a 45 degree angle, there were white caps all over the lake and the waves whitney_treasure_hunt_2003_1.jpg (198026 bytes) approaching the shore were huge. The sky was unusually dark for late afternoon and an impressive lightening show streaked across the sky from every direction. I went to the Harbor Master store located next to The Scuba Park and asked when the storm was predicted to end. Their reply was that it was predicted to be stormy all weekend. After an hour past the wind slowed and the rain stopped allowing us to set up camp. The rest of the night was clear  and we sat around the campfire talking until we called it a night and went to sleep.

The next morning we awoke to a nice day with lots of sunshine. There were no clouds in the sky, the water looked excellent, and I was ready for some great dives.
After gearing up, I walked down the ramp to find several purch waiting at the waters edge for whitney_treasure_hunt_2003_2.jpg (139392 bytes) divers to arrive. Walking into the water I became surrounded by purch that acted like puppy dogs happy to see anyone. Underwater the visibility was 4 to 6 feet and there were fish at every structure. I circled the cove taking pictures and returned to shore impressed that the storm had not diminished the visibility. 
whitney_treasure_hunt_2003_4.jpg (275565 bytes) At 1pm people started arriving for the underwater treasure hunt and a little before 2pm there were a total of 6 divers gearing up to take part in the underwater activities. At whitney_treasure_hunt_2003_3.jpg (263902 bytes) 2:10pm all 6 divers were in the water and instructions given to return to the surface with-in 1 hour. All 6 divers descended in the same area creating brief confusion, but quickly dissipated as everyone split up. The bright yellow plastic whitney_treasure_hunt_2003_5.jpg (131022 bytes) eggs that were used were extremely easy to see, but were concealed well in the sunken boats,whitney_treasure_hunt_2003_6.jpg (123444 bytes) submerged stumps, platforms and man made formations.
Upon surfacing, 6 of the 10 eggs were recovered and the remaining 4 were left for divers to find and bring up  to the dive shop for free air fills in the future. 
Everyone geared down and the prizes were awarded on the covered porch at the Scuba Park. whitney_treasure_hunt_2003_7.jpg (242926 bytes) After the prizes were out, the W.I.L.D. dive club stayed on the porch and had their meeting where members and non-members were allowed to participate.
After the dive club meeting, Darrell and Judy Puryear took the remaining divers out to eat at EL Campesino which turned out to be good Mexican food. After leaving the restaurant we mostly separated and called it an evening.
This was a fun event, and I want to thank the W.I.L.D. dive club and The Scuba Park for the time they took planning and putting on this event.
Lake Whitney is always a great place to visit with camping next to the diving area, and extremely friendly people staffed at The Scuba Park.


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Chris Stephens        
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