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Wilson Lake  is a large lake for Kansas with 100 miles of shoreline and 9000 acres of water. There seems to be plenty of fish living in these waters including Walleye, White Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Catfish, and Stripped Bass that can reach up to 40 LBS. 
Average visibility can range from 1 to 5 feet and is generally best in spring and fall when visibility can reach up to 15 feet.
The water seems to have a green tint from the algae in the lake during the summer which can reduce the visibility. A boat will help to access many of the cliffs extending out of the water, but there are plenty of areas to dive if a boat is not available. Most divers head to the dive area just past Hells Creek Bridge. There is a small gravel parking area on the right hand side of the road just past the bridge when heading to Hells Creek Campground. Under water there are small ledges and a dive platform in the area.  There are signs stating that there is no swimming in the area so be sure to check with the rangers office before entering the water at this spot. There are no dive shops in the immediate area, so when planning a trip make sure to take enough tanks to last the entire stay.
Talking with Rangers, a sign in form is no longer needed and  diving is permitted in about any part of the lake, just follow rules and regulations. The tower in front of the Dam is off limits to divers and boats. 

Wilson has plenty of camping next to the lake with bathrooms that have warm showers and flush toilets. Otoe and Hells Creek campgrounds  are nice but the trees are small and do not tend to provide much shade, so bring something to escape the sun when staying in these areas.

Wilson has a total population of 834 people and is located about 10 miles from Wilson State Park. Wilson has a few restaurants, gas stations, bed and breakfast, sportsman lodge for large groups to stay in, and a small grocery store. If you feel the need to escape the heat or pass some time you can head to Wilson Recreation Center where there is bowling, skating, pool tables, and some arcade games. 

Mostly, this lake seems to be a place for relaxation. Take a boat ride, cool off in the water, gaze at the bright night stars, take a drive on the winding back and dirt roads that surround the lake.


Dive Safe and Have Fun!

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